Monday, 26 August 2013


So this post here is a little departure from my usual relationship posts but it has to do with the most important relationship in my life- my relationship with my heavenly Father.
I have been doing a whole lot of soul-searching of late and this is the message I have been preaching to myself. I just thought to share and hope it will bless at least one soul.
In this knowledge-crazy generation that we live in, so many people have found succour in spirituality. Almost everybody has a “religion” that he/she practises.
I am a Christian. Unashamedly so. And so are so many others.
But there is one real fear that constantly tugs at my heart. How many of us professed Christians are really registered in God’s book as His children?
You see, going to church is like a fashion fad nowadays, everybody does it. It’s the in-thing to belong to the coolest church. The church you attend is now like your latest and most trendy accessory.
Hmmmm… a wise man once said to me “Dami, if you will serve God, you better make sure you are serving Him wholly and completely. And if you want to be a sinner, you had better made sure you enjoy every sinful pleasure this world has to offer. There is no reward for half-measures”.
Let me break that down. After life is death and then judgment. Where you spend eternity is dependent on the life you lived here on earth. You either got to heaven or hell. There is NO sitting on the fence.
It is easy to get carried away by church activities and the religiosity of it all. But the most important factor is your intimate relationship with Christ. You can be the most gifted vocalist in the choir and still end up in hell. You can be the most dedicated and the most punctual usher and still end up in hell-fire. You can be the most reliable worker in your church office and still end up in hell.
Eternity does not respond to activity. Eternity responds to a relationship – your relationship with Christ.
You are either a Christian or you are not. Mixing worldly pleasures with your Christian walk is a fundamental error. You can’t be a sinner from Monday through to Saturday and on Sunday; you dust your Bible and stroll into church. Do you think God is deceived? He sees through the fabric of your being to the very heart of your soul. He knows if you are His or not.
I said all of that to say this, church activity will never take you to heaven. A relationship with God will.
If you are engaged in so much church activity and yet you indulge in secret sin, you are wallowing in folly. You know why? Cos you loose here and you loose in eternity too.
If you want to sin, you better make sure you sin explicitly so that when you get to hell, you can be sure of what earned you a place there. Landing in hell-fire is not a function of how big or small or secret or open your sin is. It’s a function of SINNING. It’s that simple. Making heaven is not based on the fact that your good moments were more than your sinful moments. It’s a function of the state of your heart…your relationship with God.
Church-goer or church-worker, please make sure all your actions are rooted out of a genuine relationship with Christ. If not, it’s all a grand waste of time.
Let me balance this up. Christians slip and fall. Yes, a Christian can make a mistake and sin. The essential thing is getting up and going back to our Father in repentance. A true Christian is never comfortable in a sinful state.
The crux of the matter is this…choose you this day where you want to spend eternity and live your every moment chasing that destination.
Love y'all


  1. That was well said and explicitly too.
    You know this last two days I have been asked what is my favourite quote; and the answer is this " never forget that the primary purpose of coming to church is to make heaven"
    People tend to be so engrossed with churchiality and church activities that they never stop to appraise their heaven worthiness.
    Messages about rapture and the judgment throne of God are far between, but this doesn't mean these events won't happen. They will and sooner than we expect.
    "He who has an ear let him hear what the Spirit says unto the church.
    God bless your soul God's Jewel.

  2. Thank you so much mummy. You taught me well.

  3. Very well written and well read.good work keep it up.

    1. Thank you so much daddy. You and mummy laid a solid foundation.

  4. You couldn't have said it better. There is no room for sitting on the fence. In this age of technology, it is quite eazy to get carried away. The purpose for coming to church must not be lost.Activity is not a synonym of salvation. A question we must always ask ourselves is are we on the same page with God? Ki olorun ko wa mose.

    1. Amin o!

      That should be our greatest prayer!

  5. Adubiaro Elizabeth kemmy28 August 2013 at 05:40


    My friend and I were talking to somebody recently and he was telling us about how he wanted to invite us for his naming ceremony. With a look of shock on our faces we asked him when he got married cos we had never seen him wear a wedding band before and he replied by saying he doesn't wear it (can't remember whether he said he doesn't wear it all the time or he doesn't wear it at all *coversface*).

    Anyways, in the same vein brethren, many of us claim to be children of God, yet many around us continually question our union with Christ because on a daily basis, they do not see us putting on our wedding band (the Holy Spirit). Ephesians 1:13b says " were sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise". In other words, on the day we gave our lives to Christ and became one with HIM, HE gave us the Holy Spirit as a seal, as a wedding band to show to all and sundry that we now belong to HIM.

    With our wedding band (the Holy Spirit), our journey through life and our pilgrims' progress to heaven is made easier. Let us do all that is within our power not to lose our wedding band, let us carry our wedding band (the Holy Spirit) with us everywhere we go because the "...Holy Spirit is the guarantee that we will receive what God promised for his people..." (Ephesians 1:14a) including the promise of eternal life.

    Therefore, we must not relax on church activities only but work on our personal lifes, becos being a worker is not a function of going to heaven.


    1. Wow...
      Kemi, you went and preached an entire sermon right there.

      You couldn't be more correct. Too many people do not see Christ in we christians.

      I pray God helps us walk more consciously of our status as His children and sorjourners here on earth

  6. "Eternity does not respond to activity. Eternity responds to a relationship - your relationship with Christ." Once again, soo true!!! Your posts are well-written. Keep doing what you're doing. Hope I'm allowed to share? Oh...ok!